After C-Day and the end of the Scramble, there was a period of massive restructuring and rebuilding that has come to be known as the Regeneration. It was during this period that the corporate oligarchies restructured themselves into the syndicracies that they now resemble today.

It was also during the Regeneration that cybernetics truly exploded as an industry. It transformed the labor market, allowing cybernetically augmented laborers to compete with robotics and for some closure of the distressingly increasing employment gap that the robotics advancements of the mid-21st century had been causing. It altered every aspect of life, from art to science to engineering to agriculture.

It also carried some downsides. Not every person was able to take advantage of this cybernetic revolution, because of medical incapability or poverty or both. Some were unwilling to a make personal sacrifice of their physical bodies just to be a more efficient component of society. These people became a new form of underclass, as ultimately they found it difficult to compete with people who could simply out-perform them due to cybernetic augmentation.

When a European corporation attempted to make a specific kind of cybernetic upgrade mandatory for all employee-citizens, it tested the limits of what people were willing to put up with from their corporate leaders. Those affected went on strike, and the agreement that ended the strike not only got rid of the mandatory upgrade, it led to checks and balances on the corporation’s powers that served as the model for modern syndicratic government.


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