The Scramble

Most of the nation states fell through a slow erosion of citizen confidence and participation in their government, and increasing reliance on corporations and private services to provide for them. But in 2057, the last of the great nation states finally had to accept the writing on the wall and that this trend was not going to abate, and their death throes were often violent.

Political entities made last grasps for power, attempting to restrict corporate involvement that was already too entrenched in every facet of life. The response from the people was usually very hostile, and governments found that they were making enemies of the very people they were claiming to try to protect. People were, knowingly or unknowingly, welcoming a corporate oligarchy and they fought the last attempts to try to stop it.

From 2057 to 2059, there was a great deal of global unrest, as countries like Russia, China, India, France, and Australia refused to cede power to these corporate oligarchs. Meanwhile, in the United States, the President formally resigned stating that his office had become “functionally irrelevant”.

In May of 2059, only China stood against the rising tide of corporate oligarchy, and that abruptly and brutally ended with the global tragedy of C-Day.

The Scramble

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