The Corporate Citizen

While syndicrats control all the real power, the overwhelming majority of people in the world are simply classified as “citizens”.
To be a citizen means that you are an employee (or at the very least, have the potential to be an employee) of a syndicratic business and that as a result, you gain rights and benefits from your employers. You are protected under the laws of that syndicracy (and are, theoretically, protected under any agreements that syndicracy has with others if you travel abroad), and can live and work within that geographic trade zone freely.

You don’t have to be a citizen of the syndicracy you are born into, and people change citizenship or renounce their former citizenship as they change employers to a different syndicracy.

This has been the system in the majority of the world for the majority of the people since the late 21st century, and it works for most people. Even those who are temporarily unemployed, or are unable to work because of disability or illness, can be classified as a “dependency” (often derogatively referred to as a “dep” or a “gimme”) and be provided for within the syndicracy’s private insurance companies or charity organizations.

But exceptions do exist, and people do fall through the cracks or exist outside the system; non-compliants. anti-citizens, Freelancers. Not everyone is simply a syndicrat or a citizen. Most are, however, and because citizenship is inherited by way of legal lineage, it is not especially difficult to acquire for most.

The Corporate Citizen

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