The 5

Union: Force Works

The 5 are a ruthless crew of Freelancers that market themselves exclusively as a package deal. If you hire one of the 5, you hire all of them. They often undercut the cost of hiring multiple Freelancers for a job in this way, but also don’t send out individual members of their crew on jobs either.

Under the tutelage of Stanislaw Symanski, who represents the 5 exclusively, they’ve become a reliable global brand for dealing with high-end problems where a significant armed response is called for. The 5 don’t work subtle tasks, and they don’t do ops where non-combat solutions are called for.

Depicted left to right: Sanguinoso, Spectre, Panzer, Grevinne, and Esgrimidor, with the 5’s Agent Stanislaw Symanski seated in front.


According to rumor, Sanguinoso is heavily gene-modded, and nobody has ever seen him outside his distinctive red body armor to know exactly what kind of mods he has. It is known that his strength, speed, and reflexes are all upgraded to weaponized levels.


The 5’s infiltration expert, Spectre uses holographics and combat hacks to turn invisible, and is a formidable intrusion specialist.


The powerhouse of the team, Panzer is a full convert, having little left of his organic body beyond his brain and a few internal organs. He eschews ranged weapons in combat, relying on his cybernetic prowess to close the distance and inflict incredible damage.


The 5’s negotiator and public relations expert. Grevinne is the face of the team in public, and the one who engages in media interviews and interacts with clients alongside Stanislaw.


Using a pair of high-frequency blades, the cyborg swordsman known as Esgrimidor prefers to challenge opponents in single combat and observes some kind of complex honor code. Much of the 5’s combat marketing material focuses on Esgrimidor’s abilities to take down other Freelancers in counter-ops.

Stanislaw Symanski

While not a member of the 5 nor a Freelancer, Stanislaw himself deserves a mention because he is an oddity in how Freelancer Agents operate. He exclusively represents the 5, and is more like their business manager and employer than their agent. Symanski blurs the line between Agency and employer, just as the 5 blur the line between Freelancer Crew and PMC.

The 5

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