Rise of the Syndicracy

Syndicracies are a seemingly unique system of government that came into being in the last quarter of the 21st century. It is essentially a form of corporate oligarchy, with a small number of individuals (syndicrats) that hold power in corporations that collude together to create a unified system of laws and policies within a geographic trade zone.

The first corporate oligarchies in the post-Scramble period were somewhat tyrannical and dystopian, but didn’t last long. Ultimately people’s freedoms can only be pushed so far, they will only accept so much, especially if it is not done with any subtlety.

During the Regeneration, share-holders in major corporations responded to things like labor disputes and strikes with giving more freedom, not less. Responding to protests and outrage with crackdowns and restrictions was considered the downfall of the nation state, a mistake not to be repeated. Instead, the corporations incentivized participation in the system by introducing a limited form of representative democracy and working together to develop unified standards and practices they’d all abide by within a given geographic region.

That was the theory, and that is certainly how most people perceive the world they live in. In reality, it is little more than an aristocracy with a new, corporate coat of paint. Syndicrats act like they live in a world that is progressive and futuristic and beyond comparison to the empires or nation states that came before it, but they’re not functionally different than merchant-princes or robber-barons.

Rise of the Syndicracy

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